The key to the Fast Track hydrodemolition process is in the theory of “selective removal.” When a properly calibrated waterjet is used, only deteriorated or weakened concrete is removed during the process. Only the sound concrete is left in place. This makes the process the most efficient for concrete removal. No need to have laborers spend countless hours to jackhammer around rebars to create clearance for concrete. The roughened and highly jagged surface that is left from the hydrodemolition process provides the ideal mechanical bond needed for a high quality, long lasting overlay. When combined with the highly adhesive characteristics of Latex Modified Concrete, an added chemical bond enhances the grip and maximizes the added life that the overlay provides.

SELECTIVE REMOVAL – The capacity to eliminate completely concrete whose resistance is lower than a certain predetermined value, independent of its thickness (Ref: Dr. Renzo Medeot)

Benefits of Selective Removal with Hydrodemolition:

  • Removes all bad concrete with single pass of calibrated waterjet
  • Shows owner where deficiencies are with the deck
  • Removes less concrete by leaving all sound concrete.
  • No micro-fracturing of remaining deck surface
  • Highly roughened and bondable surface for adherence of latex modified concrete overlay
  • Creates 300% to 400% more bondable surface area for overlay
  • Does not create dust
  • Does not cause vibration on the bridge deck or with existing embedded rebar
bridge being worked on