Latex Modified Concrete

Latex Modified Concrete

Latex Modified Concrete (LMC) is a portland cement concrete in which an admixture of styrene butadiene latex particles, suspended in water, is used to replace a portion of the mixing water.
LMC has been around since the mid-60’s in the bridge deck repair industry. Its unique properties make it the ideal concrete repair product to use in conjunction with hydrodemolition, because its adhesive qualities help give it a chemical bond to the original concrete deck, along with the mechanical bond that the prepared surface with hydrodemolition will provide.

  • Impervious to chemical intrusion
  • Greater flexural strength than conventional concrete
  • Lower water cement ratio helps reduce shrinkage cracking
  • Develops exceptional bond strength when used in conjunction with hydrodemolition
  • Proven to give 25 years of added life to bridge and beyond

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And where, time is of the essence, Very Early Strength Latex Modified Concrete (VESLMC) can help rehabilitate a bridge over a weekend. It provides the same benefits as conventional LMC, plus:

  • Compressive strengths over 2500 psi in 3 hours
  • Reduces inconvenience to traffic by allowing quick turn-around times
  • Ideal treatment for rehabbing a bridge deck over weekends